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While misdemeanors are, by definition, not as serious as felony crimes, they can have a lasting impact on the lives of those facing misdemeanor charges. Often times, not paying attention to court dates, not following court orders, or not paying fines and costs can turn misdemeanors into much more serious problems. Make sure that you hire an attorney who knows how to navigate the twists and turns of the misdemeanor courts in Arkansas.

Misdemeanor charges

A misdemeanor is a crime that, if convicted, a person would face less than one year in the county jail for committing. Misdemeanors can range from vandalism all the way to involuntary manslaughter. With such a broad range of legal areas to cover, you need a lawyer with the experience to deal with whatever comes your way. Misdemeanors can have far-lasting impacts on the lives of those who face them. DWIs remain on a person's record for five years, and multiple DWIs in that five-year window can be disastrous for a person's driving record - and even their freedom. Domestic battery convictions will remain on a person's record for five years, as well, and, under federal law, a person convicted of such a crime may not be permitted to own a firearm again. Ever.

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